Quality. Integrity. Affordability. 

Did you know that the average price for a college admissions coach in the United States is around $300 per hour? Here at College Starpoint, we made a conscious decision to position affordability at the center of our pricing strategy. After all, Anya Ilkys consults parents and students on scholarships, financial aid options, and making wise financial decisions.  She works with real families and real students - not celebrities or millionaires. Real, hardworking parents who know the value of their money and want to set their students up for success.

We see you. We hear you. We want to help you by delivering the highest possible quality and undeniable results.


 This is why College Starpoint does not sell services or packages that you won't need. We sell our TIME COMMITMENT to YOU. We want you to be in charge of the time spent together and to be able to pick and choose the services that will be most helpful to your child and your family. There are no gimmicks and no hidden fees. It's as easy as that. 

Choose a webinar, a single one-on-one consultation, an application review, or a package based on the student's high school grade, and reach out if you have any questions*. 

Choose Your Pricing Plan

  • Webinar Access

    Perfect for those who want access to a pre-recorded webinar.
    • Link to a pre-recorded webinar
    • Topics are listed on the Services Page
  • 30-min Consultation

    Initial consultation or a first meeting session.
    Valid for one month
    • Introductory session for future collaboration
    • Mini college admission or financial aid consultation
    • May include general advice or answers to specific questions
  • 1 Hour Consultation

    Perfect for those looking for college-related advice.
    Valid for one month
    • Full 1 hour admission and/or financial aid consultation
    • May include answers to specific questions
    • May include general and student-specific admissions topics
    • May include general and family-specific financial aid topics
  • 1 Hour Senior

    For parents or senior students looking for college help.
    Valid for one month
    • Full 60 minute consultation with Anya Ilkys
    • Urgent college admissions and/or financial aid advice
    • For rising seniors and senior students/parents
  • Express Review

    Application documents or essay review.
    Valid for one month
    • College essay (main Common App essay); OR​
    • Up to 2 supplemental essays (college specific); OR
    • Full Common Application review; OR
    • Resume and one supplemental essay; AND
    • Written report with feedback and recommendations
    • Does NOT include a video consultation
  • Complete Review

    Application documents or essay review and consultation.
    Valid for one month
    • College essay (main Common App essay); OR​
    • Up to 2 supplemental essays (college specific); OR
    • Full Common Application review; OR
    • Resume and one supplemental essay; AND
    • Written report with feedback and recommendations; AND
    • Includes one-hour online consultation
  • College List Help

    For juniors and seniors looking for college list help only.
    Valid for one month
    • 2 online consultations with Anya Ilkys
    • Review of student's profile, preferences, and college list
    • In-depth assessment of current choices
    • A new, well-balanced college list
    • A final consultation to go through the new list and Q&A
    • Turn around time: 2 weeks
  • Discovery Package

    Freshmen and Sophomores looking for educational coaching.
    Valid for one year
    • Covers 4 meetings in the Freshman OR Sophomore year
    • Review of academic progress and requirements
    • Course planning and class selection
    • Extracurricular activities evaluation and planning
    • Overview of admission trends, timeline, and organization
    • College major and career exploration
    • Standardized testing strategy
    • Summer activities involvement advising
  • Starpoint Package

    Juniors/Seniors looking for admission/fin aid coaching.
    • Up to 5 online consultations
    • Package is for new juniors starting their college coaching
    • Package is also for CONTINUING juniors and seniors
    • Services cover admissions/financial aid topics
    • Academic assessment, testing strategy, essays
    • Activity lists, resume, interview prep and more...
    • Unique access to a college application management system
  • International

    International students looking for college admission help.
    • 5 consultations with Anya Ilkys for international students
    • College list, application documents, immigration documents
    • Essays, extracurricular activities lists, interviews etc.
  • Senior Rush Package

    Juniors or rising seniors looking for help after 5/1/22.
    Valid for 6 months
    • Up to 5 online consultations
    • NEW students looking for help after 5/1 of their junior year
    • Customized support for the student's most urgent needs
    • A-la-carte approach
    • Ex: college list, essays, interview prep, activities... etc.
    • Package can include financial aid consultations with parents
    • Save $200 ($20 per senior student hour)
  • Startpoint Group

    Every month
    For parents/juniors/seniors looking for group coaching
    • Monthly group video call seminars with Anya Ilkys
    • Timeline support and advice on the application process
    • Live open Q&A for all individual questions and issues
    • Access to member exclusive private counseling add-ons
    • Add-ons: essay package, college list building, app review
    • Like-minded community of parents and students
    • Cancel at any time

*Prices are subject to change after May 1 of each year.