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30+ Years of Combined Experience in Education

  • 97% Admitted to Top Choice Schools 

  • 95% Applied Before the Deadlines

  • $21,500,000+ Scholarship Awards 

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Navigating the complexities of college admissions and financial aid can be daunting, often filled with stress and confusion. At College Starpoint, we specialize in simplifying this journey for you. With a focus on clarity, support, and expert guidance, we're here to shoulder the burden, making every step of the process more manageable and less overwhelming. Our team consists of experienced, honest, and motivated professionals, dedicated to serving the best interests of our clients above all else.

We understand the diverse backgrounds of our students, whether they are U.S. natives or come from immigrant households. Our expertise is tailored to provide insightful advice and strategic guidance, ensuring a successful college enrollment experience for everyone.

Additionally, we offer College Admission and Financial Aid coaching in both English and Russian, accommodating a broader range of students and families.

Reach out to us today to discover more about our services and how we can help illuminate your path to college success!

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College Starpoint gave me the confidence that I needed in my college admissions process. Anya was incredible to work with - she is experienced, professional, and compassionate. It was super easy working with her, and I felt very supported through the whole process. I got into my dream school, which is the best part of it all!

Michelle B.

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