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Live Webinars

Educational. Interactive. Affordable.

Join our live 1 hour webinar with college admissions and financial aid experts. Each session includes a 45 minute presentation on a specified topic as well as a 15 minute open Q&A.

Register for your desired topic and date. 
All sessions are recorded, so if  you register and can't attend, we will send you a video recording.

College Students in Corridor

October 27,2021
8pm EST

Best Kept Secrets of Financial Aid: How to Maximize Your Child’s Funding Eligibility

Join this live webinar and find out how financial aid is calculated, the formulas behind need-based and merit-based financial aid, and the steps you can make NOW to ensure you're getting the best financial aid award for your child. Learn all the secrets as well as the ins and outs of the college financial aid process to give yourself a leg up in maximizing your funding! 

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